Frequently asked questions:

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How will my team benefit from using this?
1. You can store all of your onboarding resources in Barks, then when a new team member joins they have those resources available immediately and organized effectively.
2. It encourages collaboration. When a team member comes across something they think will be useful to everyone, they add it to a Barks folder and earn the feeling of contributing to something beyond themselves.
3. Senior members of your team can share resources that helped them level up, so newer team members can level up faster by getting access to resources they may never have come across otherwise.
4. If your team uses Slack we have an integration to make engagement through even simpler.

Why does this app exist?
I always felt like Browser bookmarks left some things to be desired. It wasn't easy to sort or search for folders and the user experience was lacking. That's when some ideas started percalting and I thought 'I could build a bookmarking application to do this'. So I added what I consider a better user experience, sorting and search to bookmarks and am now putting it on the internet for others to use as well.

What browser data of does Barks use?
Your email. Barks will use the email of your currently logged in browser account to associate with your Barks account and get your correct bookmarks.

Why do I need to turn on sync?
This is how Barks gets access the email associated with your browser account using API's like Google's Identity api.

What does New Tab Override mean?
When you open a new tab in a browser window the browser application will have a default page they display. If you enable this option in Barks your the Barks bookmarks page will be displayed in its place.

Why isn't New Tab Override displaying?
Make sure you have 'Enable New Tab' override enabled for your account. Then open the extension through the browser toolbar, this will update your account settings and new tab override should then be enabled.

Where are my Barks bookmarks stored?
Barks stores your Bookmarks in Google Cloud Platform on a Postgresql database.

What if something happens to the Barks Postgresql database?
We keep database backups. We store a backup of the database for each of the last seven days. Should anything unforseen happen we will be able to recover.

Why not store bookmarks in the browser?
Each browser has a limit on the amount of data a third party extension/app can store, and it's not very large. Also if we didn't store Bookmarks in our own database we wouldn't be able to make team accounts work.

How do I update user settings?
You must be an admin of the organization or team. If you are using an individual account you are automatically an admin. You can use the Admin Sign In link on our website to login and update settings. If you are not a team admin but think you should be, reach out to whomever created your teams account and ask them to update your privileges.

How do I remove a user from my team?
As an admin logging using the Admin Sign In link and from there you have the option to set a user as inactive.

What technologies are used to create Barks?
- Chrome apis to access your email and storage your Barks user configuration.
- JavaScript and Phoenix Liveview for user interactions.
- The Phoenix web framework for our application server needs.
- Postgresql for data storage.
- Slack api for the integration if applicable.

Why am I seeing the message User not found?
Could be a few reasons, try the following remediations:
1. Add yourself as a user to the barks application.
2. Turn Sync on in Chrome or other browser.
3. Uninstall and reinstall the extension.

How do I access the extension after install?
Pin it to your chrome extension toolbar and open it using the Barks icon from the toolbar.