Barks founder elaborates on befuddling word, "ookm"

This article was first published in “The Imaginary Journal” and has been reposted here with permission.

When asked in a fictional interview about the meaning behind the term “ookm” , Barks founder Jack Burntham paused for deep reflection before providing a few apt analogies. “Spoiled milk, a crowded public restroom, your aunt Tammy’s holiday Jello mold” are some things that first come to mind. Mr. Burntham says analogies paint the best picture but continued with, “Some synonyms you could consider include gross, yuck, or ohh that’s just nasty”. The Barks team could not find a matching definition on Urban dictionary so they wrote one themselves, they say it should go viral any minute now as they wait impatiently for overnight success.

We followed the question up to ask why default browser bookmarking deserves such a title. “Not enough features and a user experience that leaves you desiring more”. Continuing, “The Barks bookmarking solution allows you to organize bookmarks using tags and folder sorting options. Additionally we offer a collaboration for teams, providing a wonderful collaboration and knowledge sharing tool”. Okay Mr. Burntham, don’t get all high and mighty on us. But he has a point, the Barks tool has been described repeatedly as “quite nifty” by early adopters.

So if you’re tired of your bookmarking experience falling under the “ookm” umbrella Mr. Burntham urges you to consider trying the Barks application where you get 30 days free and can import or export bookmarks at any time.

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